Apollo Assets

Apollo Assets is the trading name of Apollo Assets (Pty) Ltd, with its main activities being auctioneering and private treaty transactions with regards to the sale of residential property, commercial property, farms and smallholdings

Marketing and selling fixed property through regular estate agencies can be a time-consuming and frustrating affair which may last for months. By auctioning real estate instead, the process compresses the sale timeline effectively, turning assets into cash quickly and efficiently. 

Apollo Assets sets the standard in all aspects of the auctioneering process and is the benchmark against which competitors measure themselves. Each client receives personal service and solutions are devised to meet each client’s specific needs. The company’s innovative ideas make it the leader in quality auctions ensuring that the best possible price for each property entrusted to them, is obtained. Apollo Assets lives by its core values of integrity, honesty and service excellence and has established itself as the most reliable auctioneering company in the industry.

Due to the success of the company, the founder decided to share his intellectual property and brand with other like-minded, meritorious and select individuals, and simultaneously expand the Apollo Assets brand by making franchise opportunities available throughout South Africa.

Successful applicants will receive the full benefit of the Franchisor’s fifty years collective experience in the industry. They will receive full training, as well as a course in auctioneering from the SA College of Auctioneering. The Franchisor shall also conduct the first five auctions on behalf of the Franchisee.

Franchise Summary:

  • Location: National
  • Property Required:  Apollo Assets is a home-based business and does not need dedicated offices
  • Investment: R350,000 excluding VAT (Franchisees need the amount in unencumbered cash.) to pay for :
    • A complete turnkey operation which includes the licence fee
    • Training of Franchisor
    • Training by SA College of Auctioneering
    • Point of sale material
    • A comprehensive advertising campaign at the launch of the business to the value of R80,000 excluding VAT.
  • Franchise Fees:
    • The management service fee (royalty fee) is a commission split of 80%/20% in favour of the Franchisee.
    • Monthly administration fee of R 5,000 per month.
    • A monthly contribution of R10,000 payable by the Franchisees will be appropriated for local advertising on behalf of the Franchisee.

Franchisees can expect to receive a return on their investment in around 10 months.

Sample Auctions

Franchises for Sale Enquiries:

On completing this form, an NDA and prospectus will automatically be emailed to you.  If you need any more information on franchises for sale, please complete the NDA after which we will schedule an in person or remote session to answer all your questions.