E2 Visa Information


38 E2 visas from Grenada were approved by the USA between July 2019 – Dec 2019.
During 2015 – 2019, 41000 – 43500 E2 applications were approved annually from the approximately 80 E2 treaty countries in the world.
These statistics were obtained from the official US Visa Statistics site, see the link below:


Very important, less known

A minimum of 50% ownership in a business is required to qualify for an E2 Visa. In the case of a South African family with Grenadian citizenship and children over 21, the main applicant and his child can each own 50% of the business and both of them will qualify for the E2 visa. Both parties must have full management rights and responsibilities. The 50% shareholding of the child can be financed by the parent as a donation.
The E2 visa business can be financed from outside the US, for example a property in South Africa can be bonded to obtain the set up costs for the business.