Grenada Citizenship

Secure Your Funds Now And Create A Back Door!



  • Secure a suite in Kimpton Kawana Bay with a deposit, R980 000 (US$67 000)
  • Compile application forms for Grenada Citizenship - 3 weeks
  • Obtain Grenada citizenship - 6 months
  • Pay balance of real estate R 4 018 000 

BENEFITS of Grenada citizenship:

  • Do not need to stay in Grenada or visit the country
  • Title deeded real estate property
  • Can open a bank account in Grenada or USA with Grenada address
  • Unique US E2 Investors Visa treaty between USA and Grenada
  • Kimpton is the management company of the 5 star hotel and is part of InterContinental Hotel Group
  • Citizenship, not only residency
  • Property can be sold after 5 years without forfeiting citizenship and E2 Visa benefits
  • No monthly levies, property taxes or maintenance fees
  • Return on Investment – receive revenue share from the rental pool
  • No capital gains tax, no wealth tax, no inheritance tax
  • Visa-free travel to more than 140 countries
  • Children under the age of 30, unmarried without children qualify
  • Unmarried siblings without children qualify
  • Dependent parents and grandparents qualify
  • When children get married and have children after citizenship was obtained, their spouses and children qualify


CREATE A BACK DOOR:  Obtain USA E2 Investors Visa 

  • Business search
  • An attorney should submit a petition and business plan at the Embassy or Consulate
  • Interview
  • E2 Visa takes approval approximately 60 days


  • Valid for 5 years; indefinitely renewable
  • Own minimum of 50% of an active business
  • On approval you can enter and work in US to manage your business
  • Spouse can work in US
  • Children under 21 can attend public schools
  • In many states, children are eligible for in-state university tuition
  • Can spend as much or as little time as you wish in the US
  • E2 is convertible to EB5

SCENARIO 1 – Farmer:

I am a farmer and searched for opportunities abroad, the USA seemed a viable option. I wanted to invest in a farm, but was uncertain which area would suit my needs and the cost seemed very high. I was unable to make a long term decision as to where to purchase land. It’s difficult to assess the different areas after only two or three visits.

I obtained Grenada citizenship for me and my family and then applied for our E2 Investors Visa. I decided to rent a farm and relocate my son to manage the farm and build the enterprise gradually. In this way we could make informed decisions about the type of as well as the area we wanted to farm in. I also chose this route because the only other option - EB5 Investors Visa - requires an immediate minimum investment of R13 500 000 (US$900 000) and the employment of ten Americans.

With the E2 Visa I can purchase the farm at a later stage and do not need to employ so many staff. I only need to employ one American for every family member working for me. I am also not paying tax in America on my other assets in South Africa and
abroad, I only pay tax on the E2 business. If we decide to move abroad my younger daughter can attend public schools and receive in-state university tuition.

SCENARIO 2 – Back door:

I do not want to leave South Africa immediately.  My family and I obtained Grenada citizenship and will start my E2 Visa application when I feel the pressure is mounting. However, my children can apply at any time in the future for the E2 visa and
move to the US with their children.

SCENARIO 3 – General:

I only want to leave the country when the time is right, but already obtained Grenada citizenship. I am investigating different business opportunities via the US E2 Investors Visa. I can choose from franchised businesses, existing businesses or I can
start my own, new business. The E2 legislation requires an investment equal to the setup cost of a similar business in the US. I can also appoint a manager and spend as much or little time in the US as I want. I can enrol my children at a university and they can stay in the US on their student visas.  However, they can only stay in the USA up to the age of 21, where after they can start an E2 Visa business of their own or I can employ them as key personnel in my own E2 Visa business.