Kimpton Kawana Bay Construction Update - November 2018

Exciting progress has taken place at Kimpton Kawana Bay over the past quarter.  

The exterior of the Culebra building is now almost complete. Only final touches remain. 

Following the approval of the model room in the Culebra building (shown below), construction of the interiors of the rooms has progressed significantly. We are working at full speed to finish all of the rooms in Culebra to the high standard expected by Kimpton and our purchasers.


Significant construction progress of the Juara building superstructure has been achieved during the past two months. The building is on track for substantial completion by the end of February 2019.

Construction of the Juara Superstructure.


Excavation of the site for the Matura building has commenced, after which work on the foundations can take place. Once Matura is complete, we will be ready to hand over the Culebra, Juara and Matura buildings to Kimpton for them to open the hotel. The Kiawah and Rekawa buildings will open approximately a year later.

Pictured in the video above are the five buildings of the Kimpton Kawana Bay resort – Culebra, Juara, Matura, Kiawah and Rekawa. Following strong sales of the first three buildings, sales of Rekawa were launched in August.

Firstly, we are thrilled to share with you a photo (this is not a rendering!) of the final approved model room that was constructed in the Culebra building. Not only does the room look amazing, but check out that view – all of our rooms and suites will have it.