More about Franchise Business

The founder, Brink Oosthuizen, of Virido Franchise Business has 27 years’ experience in the franchise business industry, also as a franchisor himself of a few franchised businesses. He also has more than 10 years’ experience in franchise and business consulting. As franchisor he gained valuable knowledge in the creation of new franchise systems, the maintaining of existing franchise systems and the rescue and rejuvenation of older businesses with new innovative ideas.

As a Franchise and business consultant Brink have the ability and talent to identify potential in businesses and creating a profitable business concept. To be a successful consultant it requires the skills to identify critical success factors and assisting in the solutions to problems and giving professional advice to expand or maximise income potential. The identification of the key success factors and formulating these opportunities into a successful franchise business is critical to the success.

Brink assisted numerous businesses in becoming successful franchised businesses and sold more than 150 franchises.