Requirements for Citizenship Application to Grenada

We received several requests regarding the information required for the Citizenship by Investment application. 

The real estate purchase agreement of Kimpton Kawana Bay, the deposit in terms of the purchase agreement and the initial government contribution fees must be submitted to the local agent (Grenadian lawyer), accompanied by all the documents listed below.

Forms 1 – 6 are the official documents that will be supplied to you, whilst other documents will be completed by Virido with all your personal information.  All the original documents are required, but prior to sending the application via courier to the local agent in Grenada, all the documents will be sent electronically to him to make sure it is complete.

1. Form 1 - Personal Information of all the applicants;
2. Form 2 – Fingerprints of the all the applicants;
3. Form 3 - Particulars for the Home Office of all the applicants;
4. Form 4 - Medical examinations of all the applicants;
5. HIV test result - All applicants 12 years and older;
6. Form 5 - Employment status, wealth, and business affiliates – Main applicant;
7. Proof of source of funds - (Can be bank statements, certificates of deposit or any
document that shows where the funds came from for this investment) - Main
8. Form 6 - Investment confirmation – Main applicant;
9. Passport Application forms to be completed and submitted with application
and signed by the applicant(s);
10. Thomson Reuters Letter of Authorisation – sample will be supplied;
11. Eight (8) current passport sized photographs in colour per applicant (one of
the photographs for each applicant must be certified by someone who has seen
and can confirm the identity of that particular applicant)  - All applicants;
12. Proof of current residential address which must be certified - Main applicant;
13. Police Certificate - All applicants 17 years and older;
14. Certified Color copy of ALL passports possessed - All applicants;
15. Certified Color copy of ALL current national identity cards possessed - All
16. Original or certified copy of Birth or Adoption Records (Documents must be
submitted to support any change of name) - All applicants;
17. Certified copy of marriage certificates - Any applicant if applicable;
18. Certified copy of divorce certificates - Any applicant if applicable;
19. Certified Copy of Military records -  Any applicant if applicable;
20. Original Character Reference letter  –  sample will be supplied;
21. Original Bank Reference Letter - Main applicant;
22. Certified Education Certificates - Main applicant, Spouse;
23. Curriculum Vitae of the Main applicant, Spouse;
24. Affidavit from spouse or ex-spouse relating to children – Any applicant if
25. Affidavit of support for Dependants - Main applicant;
26. Deceased spouse’s death certificate - Any applicant if applicable;
27. Oath of Allegiance (Must be signed in the presence of a Notary Public) - All
applicants – sample will be supplied;
28. In cases where funds are derived from companies solely owned by the
applicant, proof of ownership of the company.